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Outsourcing is a growing trend in the healthcare industry as organizations look to reduce their costs and improve overall productivity. Gone are the days when only back-office type and administrative tasks were outsourced as more and more organizations look to hire remote nurses.

Hospitals, out-patient clinics, physician clinics, medical transcription offices and therapy centers are all in need of quality Registered Nurses (RN). The Philippines by far produced the most foreign RN’s to pass the U.S. NCLEX exam in 2017 than any other country which proves that their education system for nursing is on par with the United States. In fact, the Philippines educational system was first established by the United States and their classes are taught in English.

With the recent advancements in technology and internet infrastructure, Filipino nurses are now able to work remotely overseas to perform a wide range of healthcare duties from medical transcription to case management positions known as the Telehealth industry. Telehealth is described as “the use of a digital network to provide automated monitoring and treatment delivery to a patient who is in a different physical location than the medical expert providing treatment.”

Top 3 Remote Jobs for a Filipino Nurse:

  1. Virtual Nurse. Usually hired by insurance companies, these virtual nurses answers patient’s questions about their medical conditions or prescriptions. Filipino nurses also provide consultative services to patients over the phone or internet video in support of doctor’s offices, hospitals and clinics.
  2. Medical Transcription. Filipino nurses have advanced typing skills and expert knowledge about medical terms and abbreviations. Their full command of the English language allows them to record the dictations of physicians with no errors. The data they transcribe may come from medical documents, notes, reports, charts or audio recordings.
  3. Legal Nurse Consultant. Filipino nurses apply their hands-on clinical training and in-depth Nursing education into the litigation process. This enables them to work for attorneys and corporate clients. There is always a need for a qualified medical professional to review sensitive cases such as those involving injured workers.

When you hire a Filipino nurse you are able to reduce payroll costs due to the low wages in the Philippines compared to other countries. Besides saving money by hiring a remote employee it also frees up internal resources and increases scalability.

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