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Hiring a third party to handle medical transcription has pretty much become the norm for clinics and hospitals. Physicians and executives are attracted by the low cost of hiring a transcription service overseas (usually the Philippines or India) but unsure which country would provide the results they are looking for.

Filipino nurses have a proven track record of being the best transcriptionists due to their expertise in medical terminology and their advanced abilities in understanding English. That is just the beginning of the list to why Filipino nurses make the best transcriptionists.

Top 5 Qualities of Filipino Nurse Transcriptionists:

  • Advanced Listening Skills. Most will agree that physicians are quite difficult to understand with their constant use of medical terminology and extremely fast speaking habits, not to mention the heavy accents some have. Filipino transcriptionists are not only are fluent in English but they also fully comprehend slang and figures of speech.
  • Medical Terminology Experts. All Filipino medical transcriptionists have backgrounds in the medical field which is most commonly as a nurse. This is very advantageous for dictating shorthanded medical notes since they are experienced in reading medical abbreviations and being able to convert it to formal medical terminology.
  • Tech-Savvy. The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry is one of the fasting growing sectors in the Philippines. It is no secret that the BPO industry offers increased wages compared to other available professions around the country. At a young age Filipinos are inspired to become BPO agents and prepare themselves appropriately by becoming tech-savvy with advanced knowledge in using computers.
  • Attention to Detail.  Medical transcription requires a special kind of patience and attention to detail. Filipino transcriptionists are very meticulous and embrace the responsibility of ensuring every dictation is 100% accurate. Their medical background allows them to understand how severe the consequences could be from an incorrect medical transcript. This results to them having increased focus and concentration as well as patience to make sure everything is done correctly.
  • Expert Typing Skills. Filipinos understand their clients need for quick but accurate transcripts. Transcriptionists in the Philippines have a minimum typing speed of 60 words per minute with 100% accuracy. Unlike traditional typing tests that only require you to read and type, these typing tests are performed while listening to an audio recording to ensure they are able to handle the different type of medical transcription tasks.

medical transcriptionWhat makes Filipino transcriptionists standout over their competition located in other countries is their excellent training in the medical field combined with their outstanding command in the English language. The Philippines in general is known for their low labor costs and high productivity which explains the recent surge for medical facilities around the world to employ Filipino nurses to handle their medical transcriptions.

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