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medical marijuana georgiaEarlier this year Georgia’s government was able to pass their new laws on medical marijuana. The new bill gives patients the ability to legally possess up to 20 ounces of THC oils to be used for the treatment of intractable pain and some cases of post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD). This list adds to the already approved uses of medical marijuana for AIDS, autism, epidermolysis bullosa, Alzheimer’s disease and different forms of cancer.  Smoking marijuana or using any these THC oils for recreational use remains illegal throughout the state.

While this new law could be a step forward towards getting medical marijuana use approved for certain patients, it still has a lot of holes. After reviewing the law it is clear that those against marijuana use will still have the upper hand in Georgia due to a huge caveat in the new law.

No Legal Way to Obtain Medical Marijuana

Even with the approval of using THC/CBD oils that have a less than 5% THC, it is still almost impossible for patients to get their hands on it. It is illegal to grow marijuana in Georgia for any use or to transport it for any reason, now combine that with the fact that imported marijuana is illegal and it is literally impossible for the more than 4,000 Geogrian medical marijuana cardholders to obtain their oils.

medical marijuana cardSince there is still no way for patients to legally obtain THC, the new law is pretty much forcing medical marijuana cardholders to break other laws in order to get the THC oils they are allowed to possess. The Department of Public Health is clearly aware of this shortcoming “The new law does not address how low THC oil is made, purchased or shipped. The law only creates a procedure to ensure qualified persons will be protected from prosecution for having it in their possession. The Georgia Department of Public Health does not prescribe or dispense low THC oil”   

Moving Forward in Georgia

Obviously the legislation is not lenient but any stretch of the imagination but it is a movement towards becoming at least tolerant. Georgia remains to be extremely conservative when it comes to medicinal marijuana but this new law has gave many people hope that recreational marijuana laws will soon emerge. The state should be enticed by the increase in tax revenue it could gain from allowing the legal distribution of marijuana. Georgia’s legislative process seems to be the biggest obstacle since lawmakers have a Republican majority in both Senate and House offices.

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