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healthcare companiesEvery year in the first week of June Fortune magazine releases their TOP 500 American companies list. This list contains the most valuable businesses in America and in 2017 the 500 companies listed made up two-thirds of the U.S. GDP with $12 trillion in revenues, $890 billion in profits, $19 trillion in market value while employing 28.2 million people around the world.

Healthcare continues to be a bigger and bigger part of our economy. Three of the top ten Fortune 500 companies are healthcare related with Mckesson (#5),  UnitedHealth Group (#6) and CVS (#7). In total there are 44 companies in the healthcare industry that made this year’s Fortune 500 which accounted for $2 trillion in revenue.

Healthcare Companies in the Fortune 500

Rank (F500)

Revenue ($M)

Company (Location)

Years (F500)


5 $192,487  McKesson (San Francisco) 23 The oldest and largest healthcare company in the nation, serving more than 50% of U.S. hospitals and 20% of physicians.
6 $184,840  UnitedHealth Group (Minnetonka, Minnesota); 23 The largest health insurer, has shown a willingness to go it alone with more than 130 million global customers, investments in various areas (including health services, pharmacy benefits, and prescription drug distribution) and a taste for making aggressive partnerships.
7 $177,526  CVS Health (Woonsocket, Rhode Island) 23 Well-known as a pharmacy business but in recent years, it has moved to rebrand itself as a health care company, including expanding its MinuteClinic brand to over 1,100 locations and nixing tobacco products from its stores.
11 $146,850  AmerisourceBergen (Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania)  23 The second-largest distributor of pharmaceuticals in the U.S. As such, it’s subject to many of the same forces affecting McKesson, its top competitor.
15 $121,546  Cardinal Health (Dublin, Ohio) 23 A drug wholesaler that also makes gloves and surgical apparel, has been shoring up its future earnings through a series of strategic acquisitions, development of its alternate care business, and promotion of its specialty drug assets.
17 $117,351  Walgreens Boots Alliance (Deerfield, Illinois) 23 The company is the product of the recent merger between U.S. drugstore operator Walgreens and European retailer Alliance Boots, a tie-up aimed at giving each entity broader international geographic reach and clout with drug makers.
22 $100,288  Express Scripts Holdings (St 18 The largest pharmacy benefit manager in the U.S. as the industry has consolidated. The company processes more than 1.5 billion claims every year.
29 $84,863  Anthem (Indianapolis) 23 Unlike UHG, Anthem has taken a can-do attitude to the nation’s Obamacare exchanges, remaining in them as its rival departed from most.
35 $71,890  Johnson & Johnson (New Brunswick, New Jersey) 23 The world’s biggest health care products company, Johnson & Johnson has massive scope: a sampling of its products includes Benadryl, Band-Aids, Neutrogena, Tylenol, Motrin, and Listerine.
43 $63,155  Aetna (Hartford, Connecticut) 17 Health insurance giant Aetna pulled in more than $63 billion in 2016 revenues and $2.9 billion in earnings despite a year that would lead to the demise of its planned $34 billion merger with rival Humana.
53 $54,379  Humana (Louisville, Kentucky) 23 Much like rival Aetna with which it was supposed to merge in a scuttled $34 billion deal Humana is pulling out from Obamacare’s individual insurance marketplaces, citing profit losses and general uncertainty over the health law’s future.
54 $52,824  Pfizer (New York) 23 Pfizer landed one of 2016’s most sought-after biopharma deals with its $14 billion acquisition of cancer drug maker Medivation. In another critical business decision, the firm announced last fall that it wouldn’t split into two publicly traded companies in order to separate its generic and branded pharmaceutical businesses, raising the prospect of even more future deals.
63 $44,747  HCA Holdings (Nashville, Tennessee) 23 It benefited from the Affordable Care Act thanks to an influx of paying patients through 2015; but the company has also warned that the continuing uncertainty around Obamacare and a decrease in managed care plan membership could hurt earnings.
66 $40,721  Centene (St Louis, Missouri) 8 The healthcare company provides programs and services to users of government healthcare programs Medicare and Medicaid and is the country’s largest Medicaid managed care organization.
69 $39,807  Merck (Kenilworth, New Jersey) 23 The U.S. drug giant’s wide-ranging portfolio was crucial to that haul but the company’s next-generation cancer immunotherapy treatment, Keytruda, is what really set it apart last year.
70 $39,668  Cigna (Bloomfield, Connecticut) 23 The proposed $54 billion mega-merger between health insurers Anthem and Cigna wasn’t long for this world (and the fallout from the failed deal will likely persist as the companies battle over breakup fees).
91 $30,737  Rite Aid (Camp Hill, Pennsylvania) 23 The proposed $9.4 billion merger between Rite Aid and Walgreens faces increasing scrutiny from the Federal Trade Commission.
92 $30,737  Gilead Sciences (Foster City, California) 9 Known for its hepatitis C cures Sovaldi and Harvoni. But backlash to those drugs’ prices (among other problems) has contributed to the biotech giant’s 2016 slump.
111 $25,638  AbbVie (North Chicago) 4 The pharmaceutical company makes drugs to treat HIV, psoriasis, rheumatiod arthritis, low testosterone, thyroid problems, and Parkinson’s.
123 $22,991  Amgen (Thousand Oaks, California) 18 The Thousand Oaks, Calif.-based biotech pharmaceutical company makes drugs that treat patients in nearly 100 countries.
130 $21,374  Community Health Systems (Franklin, Tennessee) 11 One of the largest operators of acute care hospitals in the U.S., its network includes 199 hospitals in 29 states.
132 $21,222  Eli Lilly (Indianapolis) 23 The pharmaceutical giant manufactures drugs for humans as well as for livestock and poultry.
134 $21,070  Tenet Healthcare (Dallas) 23 The Dallas-based health care provider operates 80 hospitals and more than 200 outpatient clinics in 14 states.
135 $20,853  Abbott Laboratories (Abbott Park, Illinois) 23 The pharmaceutical company manufactures medical devices, medications that help treat HIV, Crohn’s disease, arthritis, psoriasis, and many others, as well as supplements and nutritional products like Ensure.
147 $19,427  Bristol-Myers Squibb (New York) 23 The biopharmaceutical company manufactures medicines for Alzheimer’s, dementia, pyschiatric disorders, cardiovascular, diabetes, oncology, and hepatitis.
156 $17,782  Molina Healthcare (Long Beach, California) 6 Offers healthcare services to low-income families in 10 states.
181 $15,197  DaVita (Denver) 11 The health provider delivers dialysis treatment and other medical services to patients across the U.S.
195 $14,237  WellCare Health Plans (Tampa, Florida) 9 The health plan provider focuses on government-sponsored health programs like Medicaid and Medicare.
225 $12,483  Becton Dickinson (Franklin Lakes, New Jersey) 23 The global medical tech company makes medical devices and instruments that are used by healthcare professionals and researchers.
248 $11,449  Biogen (Cambridge, Massachusetts) 8 The biotechnology company discovers and manufactures treatments for autoimmune disorders, neurodegenerative diseases and hemophilia.
252 $11,325  Stryker (Kalamazoo, Missouri) 15 The medical technology company makes products used in orthopedics, surgery, and neurotechnology.
254 $11,229  Celegene (Summit, New Jersey) 6 The biopharmaceutical company is the maker of Thalomid and various other drugs that treat multimple myeloma, inflammatory diseases, and various forms of cancer.
276 $10,508  Universal Health Services (King of Prussia, Pennsylvania) 14 The medical management company operates 241 healthcare facilities in 37 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the United Kingdom.
281 $10,163  Baxter International (Deerfield, Illinois) 23 The biotech healthcare company makes devices and pharmaceuticals that treat hemophilia, immune disorders, infectious diseases, and kidney disease.
290 $9,642 Laboratory Corp. of America (Burlington, North Carolina) 8 The medical testing company also conducts animal studies and clinical reserach for pharmaceutical companies.
327 $8,386  Boston Scientific (Marlborough, Massachusetts) 14 Boston Scientific makes medical devices that treat and diagnose medical conditions including heart disease and chronic pain.
352 $7,684  Zimmer Biomet Holdings (Warsaw, Indiana) 2 The medical device company sprung from the $14 billion mega merger between two orthopedic powerhouses, Zimmer and Biomet, in 2015.
366 $7,515  Quest Diagnostics (Madison, New Jersey) 17 The diagnostics testing company’s services range from routine blood work to gene-based testing.
374 $7,274  LifePoint Health (Brentwood, Tennessee) 3 The Tennessee-based healthcare provider runs hospitals and clinics in rural communities in 22 states, from Nevada to North Carolina.
376 $7,227  Kindred Healthcare (Louisville, Kentucky) 14 This Kentucky-based healthcare company provides longterm care in homes, as well as through its network of hospitals and assisted living facilities in 47 states.
381 $7,043  Leidos Holdings (Reston, Virginia) 17 The American defense company headquarted in Reston, Va. provides scientific, engineering, systems integration, and technical services. The company works with the U.S. Department of Defense, Homeland Security, the NSA, and other U.S. civil agencies.
390 $6,878  IQVIA (Durham, North Carolina) 4 IQVIA is a global leader in protecting individual patient privacy. The company uses a wide variety of privacy-enhancing technologies and safeguards to protect individual privacy while generating and analyzing the information that helps their customers drive human health outcomes forward.
434 $6,004 St. Jude Medical (St. Paul, Minnesota) 8 The Minnesota-based company sells medical devices, primarily for cardiovascular conditions, in the U.S., Europe and Asia.
454 $5,733  Genesis Healthcare (Kennett Square, Pennsylvania) 2 Headquartered in Pennsylvania, the company is a provider of nursing, rehabilitation, and long-term medical care services. 

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