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Virtual Reality (VR) in the healthcare field is really starting to show potential for great things and the possibilities are endless. VR technology has been catching the interest of medical researchers and real life healthcare providers around the world.

Surgeons can use a virtual environment to assist in the operating room without ever lifting a scalpel. Medical students are able to study the human body more thoroughly which better prepares themselves for future real life operations.

virtual realityUsing VR patients are able to place themselves in the paradise location of their choice to save themselves the agony of being in a hospital room. This VR environment can also reduce any physical pain or stress the patient could be experiencing. Even in the mental health field patients are being treated with VR technology to fight phobias and mental disorders.

For years VR technology has been expected to take the medical field by storm and the time has finally arrived. It is estimated that VR related hardware and software will be a $30 billion market by 2020. The VR headsets that are used for patient treatment are expected to reach 500 million sold by 2025. There are currently 1824 virtual reality startups according to Angels List and a lot of them are looking to fill the VR demands of the healthcare industry.

Here are 5 virtual reality companies transforming the nursing profession:

    1. Mindmaze – Dr Tej Tadi, a neuroscientist, founded MindMaze in 2011 to develop technologies that help patients recover from brain injuries. MindMotion is a virtual environment-based neurorehabilitation platform designed to provide a portfolio of motivating gamified activities built on evidence-based neurorehabilitation principles, designed to enhance a patient’s recovery potential.
    2. ImmersiveTouch – Founded in 2005 by a group of engineers and physicians, ImmersiveTouch builds VR software that trains physicians with medical devices on virtual patients built from CT/MRI. Hospitals are educating and engaging patients about their specific condition with personalized VR content. Surgeons are planning complex surgical cases using the FDA-cleared MissionRehearsal VR platform.
    3. Psious – A Spanish and American behavioral health technology company whose main product is the PsiousToolsuite, a virtual reality platform aimed at bringing value to mental health treatment. The platform provides mental health professionals with animated and live environments they can use for the treatment of anxiety disorders, fears and phobias, as well as for the practice of Mindfulness and relaxation techniques.
    4. Firsthand Technology – The San Francisco-based company is the recognized expert in Virtual Reality pain relief.  They helped build the first VR pain relief application that brings immersive VR experiences to help patients reduce pain, relieve stress, and build mindful resilience.
    5. GestureTek Health – GestureTek Health is the inventor, pioneer, and world leader of video gesture-controlled virtual realitydisplays that are revolutionizing rehabilitation, assistive technologies, and health facilities. Patients have fun in a hygienic environment with the company’s touch-free, gesture-controlled solutions for virtual reality therapy, multisensory stimulation and immersive play.

Even though the VR technology being used in medical is just starting to take off, there are already amazing examples of VR having a positive effect on patients, nurses and physicians.

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