The Future Of Healthcare Is Heavily Reliant On Smartphones

Each year people become more and more reliant on their smartphones. In 2011 just 35 percent of adults in the U.S. owned a smartphone, today that number reaches close to 80 percent. The future of our healthcare will be taking advantage of this ever growing trend. A smartphone has been the primary way to access […]

Why Filipino Nurses Make the Best Transcriptionist

Hiring a third party to handle medical transcription has pretty much become the norm for clinics and hospitals. Physicians and executives are attracted by the low cost of hiring a transcription service overseas (usually the Philippines or India) but unsure which country would provide the results they are looking for. Filipino nurses have a proven […]

Why Georgia’s Medical Marijuana Expansion Bill is Meaningless

Earlier this year Georgia’s government was able to pass their new laws on medical marijuana. The new bill gives patients the ability to legally possess up to 20 ounces of THC oils to be used for the treatment of intractable pain and some cases of post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD). This list adds to the […]

Candace Owens Attacks Big Pharma

Turning Point USA communications director Candace Owens recently interview on Fox News about President Trump’s plan to lower prescription drug prices. She had nothing but good words to say about the President’s plan and agrees the motivation behind the proposal is to help the American people. “I think it is on point with his message. […]

The Impact Baby Boomers will have on American Healthcare

yThe healthcare system is about to be overwhelmed from the coming needs of the growing elderly population in the United States. This aging population trend is often referred to as the Silver Tsunami. Senior citizens aged 65 or more in America has passed the 50 million mark for the first time and the number is projected to […]

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Medical Billing and Coding

Having an effective medical billing operation is a key process for your practice to maximize profitability. Providing top notch healthcare is your #1 priority but your business still needs to ensure they are earning the most money for services they provide. Medical billing and coding can be a very complicated process with the possibility of […]

How Virtual Reality is Transforming the Nursing Profession

Virtual Reality (VR) in the healthcare field is really starting to show potential for great things and the possibilities are endless. VR technology has been catching the interest of medical researchers and real life healthcare providers around the world. Surgeons can use a virtual environment to assist in the operating room without ever lifting a scalpel. […]

Why You Should Hire an RN to Manage Your Medical Records Software

The healthcare industry has benefited greatly since the recent transition from paper based patient records to the new electronic medical records. Ever since the Health Information  Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) act was signed in 2009 more and more medical offices started making their EHR (electronic health records) implementation. HITECH was the main push for […]

List of Healthcare Companies Who Made it into the Fortune 500 this year

Every year in the first week of June Fortune magazine releases their TOP 500 American companies list. This list contains the most valuable businesses in America and in 2017 the 500 companies listed made up two-thirds of the U.S. GDP with $12 trillion in revenues, $890 billion in profits, $19 trillion in market value while employing 28.2 million […]

Migrating Your Medical Records to the Cloud For The Technically Challanged

You just like many others in the medical field probably have been avoiding the transition from in-house records to electronic medical records (EMR’s) in the cloud because the process seems so daunting. If you are reading this then you have already realized the importance and recognized how beneficial it is for you to begin your […]